Client Feedback

We run around 10 courses a year on Fam Trips and Showrounds. Here are some of the comments made by delegates on feedback forms.

 Names have been withheld, but are available upon request.

"Yes, I found the course very useful.  After doing showrounds for the last couple of years it is good to refresh your approach to these and makes you realise why you do certain things, such as starting in reception.  It is also good to hear things from a buyer point of view. The itinerary for FAM trips and planning how these will be run gave me some good ideas, which I would feel confident in putting forward. "


"As a destination I found the information about itineraries and database cleaning most relevant. I found the whole course very interesting and helpful. I shall be using the information to help me organise more fam visits for trade and buyers in the future."

"Extremely useful!! I find courses like this very valuable both in terms of sharing tips and best practice and re-enforcing what we are doing right!!!  It was also really useful to get feedback from someone who is a buyer- all too often we are talking to the industry professionals and not those who attend the fams! I just wish we could have got more of our venues to it!"

"Thought the seminar was very useful and the format ideal.  I also thought that it was on a good level and the examples given were those understood by all the attendees, it is very good to be able to relate to something you can visualise.  Thanks once again for an interesting morning!"

"Extremely useful, there were a lot of little things that I hadn’t thought of doing before, which will really help in the future. Lots of tips, which I can now implement and also pass on to the rest of my team. Handouts were excellent, very good value for money! "

"This encouraged me to look at how I show people around from their point of view. Thanks for a useful and educational course."

"Very entertaining presenter and I appreciated Mike’s dry wit"

"I think the handouts and booklets we took away at the end of the course were excellent. Often on training courses you forget what you have learned but having something that can be used as reference material will be of great use. Thank you! Found the course useful and interesting."