Familiarisation Trips... Showrounds...Site Inspections

Familiarisation Trips and one-to-one Site Inspections can be the key deciding factors that turn a speculative enquiry into a firm conference booking

BUT, what about the occasions you have gone out of your way to welcome a client, shown them round your venue/destination, treated them to lunch, given up half your day - and then never hear from them again?

No doubt, quite often. Indeed some Venues and Conference Bureaux have suffered far worse with many a story to tell…..co-ordinated trips abroad, buyer accompanied by spouse looking for “a free weekend”, weeks spent planning detailed itineraries, expensive gifts etc. All these can generate high costs with low returns. And that is just the Freeloader. Then there is the non-decision maker, the so-called “consultant on behalf of “xxxplc”, and the timewaster. None of these have any purchasing power, many never will. Finally, not forgetting the “no shows”, buyers who fail to attend without any warning, costing you time and money.

On this website you will see many opportunities to help you increase your chances of securing a firm booking and therefore improve your Return on Investment by hosting a focused event, attended by genuine buyers.

Venue Training in association with Write Style Communications offers staff in Hotels, Conference Centres and other venues a real chance to improve sales, secure bookings and increase profits